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Hi my name is Advocate Dhanya V Pavana, a lawyer based in Sharjah, UAE. Our experienced team of lawyers include divorce lawyer, business lawyer, criminal lawyer, real-estate lawyer and document drafting team. We provide complete legal solution to individuals, business entitites, and agencies. Whatever your legal needs are, we have a solution. What’s more we even provide free legal consultation so that both of us can understand each other. Take advantage of this and book your free slot now.

Educational Qualification:

  • MBA
  • LLB
  • LLM(( In international Business Law from MIDDLESEX University UK)


We offer complete legal service. Book your free inital legal consultation now and talk to the lawyer.

Criminal Cases

Advocate Dhanya V Pavana is an experienced criminal lawyer with vast experience. If you are facing any criminal cases, you are at right place. Click to Call.

Divorce Cases

Divorce cases require careful handing and we know it better. We have an experienced team to handle your divorce case. We have very high success rate.

Real Estate

With the boom of real estate in UAE, demand for a qualified real estate lawyer has increased. Contact us If you are planning to buy/sell a property or lease.

Labour Law

Mistreated or unfairly dismissed from your job? Get free legal support from us today. Good knowledge of local labour laws and employment laws to help you. Book your consultation.

Accident Claims

Leading accident claim lawyer in Sharjah with high win rate. Whether you want to file a claim for your vehicle or filing a personal injury claim, Book an appointment.

Corporate Cases

Complete business related legal solution under one roof. Register a new business in UAE, Intellectual property, Fillings etc. Book an appointment now for consultation.

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