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Hi my name is Advocate Dhanya V Pavana, a lawyer based in Sharjah, UAE. Our experienced team of lawyers include divorce lawyer, business lawyer, criminal lawyer, real-estate lawyer and document drafting team. We provide complete legal solution to individuals, business entitites, and agencies. Whatever your legal needs are, we have a solution. What's more we even provide free legal consultation so that both of us can understand each other. Take advantage of this and book your free slot now.

Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is complicated and emotional, that is why you need a professional and experienced lawyer to increase the chance of your success. Our team of expert lawyers, legal consultants and document drafting team are dedicated to provide a hassle free experience.

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Criminal lawyers

Criminal cases are very serious in nature and you should seek help as early as possible. If you or any of your friends are facing a criminal case, feel free to call us on our toll free number and speak to one of our criminal lawyers. We are here for you 24/7.

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Accident   Claims

Insurance agency denying the claim of your injured car? Nothing to worry about. We have helped 100s of individuals get their money back. Afterall, you paid the premium for this day. If there are personal injuries and you want to recover the medial bill, call us today.

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Our team of experienced lawyers have more then 20 years of experience in different legal domains like real estate, criminal cases, divorce and family matters, business and corporate etc.

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Our helpline is open for you 24/7. Whatever your requirements are, one of our expert is always there for you. You can also visit our office in case of an urgent support.

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We firmly believe that legal consultation should be affordable to all, that is why we provide free consultation. Call us now to speak to our lawyers. cost

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I approached them for our divorce process. They were very friendly throughout the process. Will definately recommend them.

Md. Faiz

I registered my company under their guidance. It was very smooth process. They handled all the work for me. 5-star from my side.

Project Manager

One of my leg was injured in an accident at site. My employer refused to compensate. Then I approached this legal team. After an year of battle, finally the result is in my favor.

Project Manager

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